Politics and Diplomacy

For the Highest Good of Humanity

karin erika luise johanna kolland

The Sovereign Subsidiarity




in the midst of a healthy living nature exists the miracle that lays the inexhaustible universal source for humanity on the planet mother earth in the cradle.

The design of common public habitat for all men and creatures, on the home planet earth in our solar system, is called politics.




POLITICS therefore for me has only one purpose:

Natural Life and natural Habitat for all people and all living beings to protect.

POLITICS must be fundamentally and deeply concerned with the universal laws of life and nature.

POLITICS has the task of promoting the good and healthy life of all and everyone and all creatures.

POLITICS should never be be used as power or instrument of domination, but should serve the Divine Life and be for the highest good for each and everyone.



DIPLOMACY is the beauty in serving harmony, knowledge, insight and peace in common freedom.

DIPLOMACY, has for me therefore, as a top priority, the qualities of love and charity with respect for the free will and dignity of every individual.

DIPLOMACY is the ART to encourage the highest harmonious order possible, for living together peacefully with maximum individual liberty in the common public habitat.



Politics and diplomacy are therefore in truth qualities to be exemplified in leaders, who would then be living examples of the highest ideal. It is best that these qualities should be so clear and pure that people voluntarily and out of inner insight can recognize and accept them as meaningful and useful.

In this sense, POLITICS & DIPLOMACY is a spiritual, gently guiding GOVERNANCE, which promotes the highest good for each and everyone and all creatures.

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